Remote pathology case study: using a cloud-based software

Dr. Lara Pijuan Andújar, Cytopathologist and Lung Pathologist at the Hospital del Mar, Barcelona, Spain describes her experience with the Aiforia Platform.
Written by Aiforia

Who are you and what do you do?

Lara: I'm a Cytopathologist and Lung Pathologist. I am also the coordinator of the Working Group of Digital Pathology in Spain (SEAP: Spanish Pathology Society) and I'm the Vice-President of the Catalan Society of Cytopathology.

Why did you decide to use the Aiforia Platform?

I'm a very curious person and I wanted to try the Aiforia Platform because I read that you have it available for more than just the AI component, for teaching purposes. I was thinking at this point of teaching to offer your tool to more pathologists to learn and above all share cases between us.

What do you use the platform for?

My idea is using Aiforia as a platform to share cases (both for consultations and for learning) between pathologists around the country during our monthly meetings or to have a platform for doing an annual activity to share cases between hospitals instead of sending real slides between hospitals as we nowadays are doing.

Also using the Aiforia Platform to consult on a case with specialists from other hospitals or countries.

What is the biggest benefit to your work?

We have had the challenge that each hospital has their own scanners that scan with different formats and then we can't share the images because we can't read them in our software for example or maybe it is very difficult to send a WSI image by mail because it is a very big file and you have to use different platform.

The Aiforia platform supports all scanner and file formats so you can upload your image and the other pathologists can view the image, making collaboration very easy. remote pathology AI platform

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