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Go beyond the limits of human capability

Deep learning AI for image analysis

Detect, discover, develop, diagnose

With Aiforia the possibilities are limitless

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Aiforia offers AI and cloud-based technology solutions for medical image analysis.

AI solutions

Our deep learning AI is able to recognize any feature in any sample. It simply learns by example, no coding is needed. You can then automate a huge variety of tasks from quantification to segmentation and more.

Through the Aiforia Platform you can build your own AI models, no coding is required, with the cloud-based and easy-to-use Aiforia Create. Alternatively our scientists can build an AI model for you with our Aiforia Custom AI Services.

Cloud technology

Aiforia Hub is a cloud-based platform which allows the seamless storage and sharing of digitized images of tissue samples, even Whole Slide Images. 

The high performance image servers enable fast and smooth panning and zooming across the samples. All that’s needed is an internet connection to start streamlining your workflow and collaborating online.

Any area, any disease

Our solutions are made for use in a variety of fields: pathology, medical research, preclinical analysis for drug development, and we also have recently launched our first clinical product, Aiforia Clinical, to improve productivity in diagnostic tasks when analyzing images from tissue samples.

Our AI can analyze any 2D image. Explore some of the disease areas we have created AI models for recently: neurological, liver diseases, cancer, and more

Benefits of Aiforia