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Aiforia equips pathologists and scientists in preclinical and clinical labs with powerful deep learning and cloud-based technology to advance their image analysis tasks and workflows.

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Deep learning AI platform for healthcare
From empowering researchers in the identification of novel biomarkers of disease, and supporting R&D scientists in speeding up time-to-market of novel drugs, to helping pathologists enhance the accuracy of cancer diagnostics — Aiforia has the expertise and experience to transform healthcare all the way from discovery to diagnosis.

What we do for you

Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology

Standardize, accelerate, and save costs on preclinical and investigational analysis across your global organization with our cloud-based AI solutions and services for image analysis and pathology applications in all therapy areas. 

Contract Research Organizations

Speed up and maximize your pathologist’s capabilities with our cloud-based AI solutions and services for all image analysis tasks and workflows.

Clinical Labs

Produce more accurate results in less time while standardizing your clinical image analysis workflows with our AI solutions and partnering opportunities for primary diagnostics. 

Academic Researchers and Institutes

Discover more, faster and access your images anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based AI solutions for academic research in all medical fields.


Transform your histology and pathology teaching with our cloud-based Aiforia Hub for Education. Take your teaching online, provide consistent, clinical cases for all students, and more!

Other Industries

Aiforia’s AI solutions are image-agnostic; they can be deployed to analyze any 2D image in any field.

Our offering

Solutions for AI-assisted analysis

ic_Aiforia Create_Version 2

Aiforia Create

Your cloud-based tool to develop AI models for any image analysis application.

Simply annotate some of your images to train our neural networks to identify, quantify, or measure your features of interest. There is no need to code or use any dedicated hardware.

ic_Aiforia Custom AI Services

Aiforia Custom AI Services

AI models developed by scientists, for scientists. 

Whether you are looking to accelerate your preclinical analysis or scale your pathology services, you can now enhance your image analysis workflow with Aiforia. With our Custom AI Services Aiforia scientists build AI models for your specific needs. 

Our strengths

What makes Aiforia?

Our platform

The Aiforia Platform is built for seamless, direct use by scientists and healthcare professionals. To use AI through Aiforia there is no need for: coding, dedicated hardware, thousands of annotations or images. 

Our AI

Aiforia provides users with access to the most powerful type of artificial intelligence: deep learning which far surpasses human accuracy and agility in image analysis. Aiforia’s AI can be used to detect, quantify, and measure anything in any image.

Our cloud

Aiforia’s tools and services are all accessed in the cloud-based, ISO 27001 certified, Aiforia Platform which allows for unlimited storage space, computing capacity, seamless remote collaboration and a multitude of other benefits. 

Our people

We are a comprehensive mix of experienced pathologists, medical scientists, artificial intelligence and software developers as well as a commercial team with extensive experience in the life sciences industries.

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