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Go beyond the limits of human capability

Deep learning AI for image analysis

Detect, discover, develop, diagnose

With Aiforia the possibilities are limitless

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Ready to scale up your work?

Aiforia Create enables you to develop your own deep learning AI models for image analysis. You can automate a variety of tasks in different medical fields, to produce and visualize accurate and quantitative data.

Simply upload and store your images in Aiforia Cloud to get started. All you need is internet access.

We also offer on-demand services. Our in-house experts build the AI models for you and your specific needs with Aiforia On-demand.

Aiforia is scalable. Catering to your specific needs, from simple analysis tasks to larger, complex projects requiring a variety of AI models.

Benefits of Aiforia

Image analysis made simple

aiforia offering

Nelli Sjöblom aiforia

Aiforia is built on a very user friendly and intuitive interface. It took very little time to get started.

Nelli Sjöblom, M.D.
Pathology Trainee, Helsinki University Hospitals