AI UNBOUNDED WEBINAR SERIES Mastering image analysis with Aiforia: superhuman vision

On-demand webinar

Watch the second webinar in our 'AI unbounded series: mastering image analysis with Aiforia' to learn about our latest features enabling you to harness superhuman vision.

In this 30 minute webinar Aiforia's Field Application Scientist Dr. Lindsey Smith gives an overview and live demonstration of highly-sought after deep learning techniques and powerful tools now available in the Aiforia software:

  • Multichannel Analysis: a versatile feature supporting unlimited channels, turning on/off a boundless number of these, and more!
  • Instance Segmentation: this powerful feature enables you to simultaneously detect objects and perform semantic segmentation
  • Image Match: the tool takes your image analysis to new dimensions by combining tissue registration and overlay with our AI model analysis and advanced spatial metrics



Lindsey Smith PhD Field Application Scientist at Aiforia

Watch the on-demand webinar!

AI Unbounded Webinar Series

Mastering image analysis with Aiforia: superhuman vision

Introduction to Aiforia
Live demo of Aiforia software
Multichannel Analysis
Instance Segmentation
Image Match
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