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Aiforia equips pathologists and scientists in preclinical, academic, and clinical labs with the most powerful deep learning artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology to increase the speed, accuracy, and consistency of analyzing large and complex medical images across a variety of fields from oncology to neuroscience. Aiforia is composed of an ideal mix of scientists experienced in a variety of medical areas from pathology to cancer diagnostics, software developers who collectively hold over 100 years' experience in artificial intelligence, and a business team with backgrounds in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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The challenge 

Pathology connects science and medicine. It is defined as the study of disease and is vital in patient care, diagnostics, treatment, and disease prevention. At the core of what most pathologists do is analyze samples and images. Investigating these for signs of disease, counting cells, measuring tumors, looking for patterns, and so much more. 
The rising rate of diseases, like cancer, increases the demand for pathologists. With more disease, come more samples to be analyzed. While workloads are increasing the number of pathologists are not. Less medical doctors are specializing in the field. In the United States between 2007 and 2017 the number of medical professionals specializing as pathologists decreased by 17.5%.
Another challenge arises from the fact that current tools and methods available to pathologists for image analysis are not supporting them in meeting these increasing demands. Current methods are often manual, therefore time consuming, and prone to subjectivity. 
Although pathologists are the best experts in tissue analysis, there are substantial differences in how different pathologists evaluate the same sample. An urgent need continues to rise for tools that not only provide unbiased and accurate results but also which are easy to deploy in order to assist in lessening the burden on pathologists, hospitals, and ultimately patients.
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Analog tools in a digital world

Our solution

We are scientists. Our team is composed of biological scientists, software developers, and a business team with years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Our medical scientists and computer scientists work closely together to bring healthcare professionals the highest quality tools and services based on artificial intelligence and cloud technology.  

The cloud-based Aiforia solutions increase the speed, accuracy and consistency of analyzing large and complex medical images across a variety of fields with the power of deep learning artificial intelligence.

Convolutional neural networks of Aiforia’s AI software can be trained to detect and analyze any feature in any image. So far over 400 AI models have been built using Aiforia.

These applications cover diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, liver inflammation, breast cancer, malaria, and more for use in medical research, preclinical investigation, and clinical diagnostics. 

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AI-assisted analysis

Our mission

Aiforia’s mission is to provide the most powerful tools for AI-assisted analysis to enhance the translation of medical images into data and discoveries in all realms of healthcare. From scientific research to clinical diagnostics, Aiforia aims to outfit healthcare professionals with the digital solutions they need for the shifting landscape of medicine.
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Data-driven medicine

Our history

We have deep roots in the medical field. Our headquarters is located in one of the largest hospital networks in Europe and the heart of biomedical research in Finland at the Helsinki University Hospital.
In 2013 researchers at the university’s Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) partnered with experienced life science entrepreneurs to found the first iteration of Aiforia; pioneering one of the first cloud-based microscopy platforms in the world.
In 2018, Aiforia launched its deep learning AI solution, available for direct use by healthcare professionals all around the world.
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Established in healthcare
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All major scanner and file formats supported and integrations viable with all lab softwares (PACS, LIMS, etc.)
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AI models developed for use in image analysis with Aiforia
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