On-demand Webinar Annotations tips and tricks

How to develop the ground truth for a deep learning AI model

Join Dr. Aleksandra Zuraw, a board-certified veterinary pathologist, and Dr. Lindsey Smith, Aiforia's Field Application Scientist, for a 1-hour exclusive session on training with annotations to create supervised deep learning AI models for image analysis in pathology.

During this webinar, Dr. Zuraw and Dr. Smith  describe best practices in annotating images. Using real-life examples from pre-clinical and clinical pathology they give a live demonstration of creating annotations on the Aiforia platform and will show the platform's patented active learning tool, increasing the speed and accuracy of AI training.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how to train better, faster, and more accurate AI models!


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Dr. Aleksandra Zuraw Board-certified veterinary pathologist


Dr. Lindsey Smith PhD Field Application Scientist at Aiforia

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On-demand webinar

Annotations tips and tricks

"Annotations tips and tricks: How to develop the ground truth for a deep learning AI model"
Keep your classes clean
Size of the annotations matters
Number of the annotations matters
How to correct annotations
No one size fits all
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