On-demand Webinar Cloud-based solutions for telepathology and remote image analysis

Digital Pathology Place

Topics discussed:

  • History and overview of telepathology
  • Preclinical and clinical applications of remote pathology
  • Solutions for remote work and collaboration in pathology (from AI model generation to validation, data sharing, and remote teaching
  • Live demonstration of Aiforia's cloud-based solutions for remote pathology

This webinar was co-hosted with the Digital Pathology Place. Find out more about it by clicking here.



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Aleksandra Zuraw DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVP Veterinary Pathologist at Charles River Laboratories and Publisher of Digital Pathology Consulting

thomas westerling2

Thomas Westerling-Bui PhD Director of Scientific Strategy at Aiforia

Watch the on-demand webinar!

On-demand webinar

Cloud-based solutions for telepathology and remote image analysis

Aleksandra Zuraw Publisher of Digital Pathology Consulting: "Telepathology"
Introduction to Aiforia
Live demo of the Aiforia software
Telepathology with Aiforia
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