On-demand Webinar How can AI-assisted image analysis boost productivity in preclinical research, including GLP?

Digital pathology with AI-assisted image analysis has become increasingly available for clinical diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics, preclinical research, and drug development. Watch this webinar to discover how it can enhance the precision and effectiveness of pathologists' workflows with particular emphasis on the preclinical research and drug development environment.

Veterinary pathologists Dr. Richard Fox and Dr. Richard Haworth discuss how AI-based image analysis can support pathologists and other experts throughout their workflows, with a focus on preclinical procedures – from image quality control support, assistive decision-making and the quantification of morphological features, mainly in the preclinical setting, including those studies conducted under the GLP framework.

After this webinar, you will understand:

  • The benefits of image analysis in a cloud-based and study-centric workflow.
  • Things to consider when integrating software and quantitative data.
  • The next advancements in the field of preclinical research and drug development.

Hear the best practices for implementing AI into your preclinical workflow.



Richard Haworth Founder and Director, RosettaPath Ltd.

Richard F_portrait_500x500px

Richard Fox Veterinary Pathologist, Aiforia Technologies Plc

Watch the on-demand webinar!

On-demand webinar

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