Aiforia Create

Automate manual tasks, standardize analysis, and find the hard to spot objects with our cloud-based AI software for image analysis.

Aiforia Create is made for seamless use by the medical professional to create and use AI models to increase the speed and accuracy of any image analysis application.

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The power of AI in your hands

What can you use Aiforia Create for?

Train your own unique AI model with Aiforia Create to identify, quantify, or measure features in any 2D image: WSI, IF, serial sample sections, and more!

Across pathology, neuroscience, oncology and any other field for medical research, preclinical analysis, toxicologic safety studies and diagnostic support.

Over 400 different AI models have been created with Aiforia Create so far! The possibilities are limitless.

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How to get started with Aiforia Create?

To access Aiforia Create you need a subscription to our cloud-based platform. Find out about the features included in your subscription and how we guarantee data security.

You can then get started with the software to train and deploy your AI model. Paying only for what you use, while our science team supports you throughout your AI model development and deployment.

We offer scalable solutions for organizations of all sizes and projects of varying complexities.

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How does Aiforia Create work?

Simply annotate some of your images (no need to code!) to train your AI model. You can also choose to use Aiforia's patented active learning tool to make training even faster and more accurate!

Training an AI model with Aiforia is as easy as 1, 2, 3. See for yourself:

1. Annotate

Annotate features of interest in your images to train the neural networks of the AI model to learn what to find, quantify, or measure.

You can use the active learning tool called Annotation Assistant in Aiforia Create. It significantly speeds up training time by automatically reviewing your images and searching for areas that can provide good training data. 

2. Analyze

The convolutional neural networks analyze your image, reaching high levels of accuracy and speed.

Aiforia Create is cloud-based so you can access your images and analyses anywhere, on any device. You can even collaborate remotely with ease. 

3. Automate

You can now delegate your time-consuming, manual tasks to your very own AI model. The model will continue to analyze your images consistently, producing highly-detailed, quantitative results in a matter of seconds.

“I got Aiforia Create up and running quickly, it was intuitive. I was able to train it myself in a very short period of time with very limited data. I was really impressed!"
Dr. Michael Staup Manager of Specialty Pathology at Charles River Laboratories
Aiforia for Image Analysis

Unique tools and features

Annotation assistant Increase the speed and accuracy of AI training

The patented Aiforia Annotation Assistant tool utilizes active learning, a highly sought-after technique in artificial intelligence, to increase the speed and accuracy of AI model training.

Instance segmentation Simultaneously detect objects and perform semantic segmentation

The powerful instance segmentation feature enables object detection and semantic segmentation to be performed simultaneously to detect and delineate each distinct object of interest. Particularly useful in the case of overlapping. 

Transfer Learning Adjust your AI model with speed and ease

This AI feature enables you to further reduce the amount of annotations needed to create a new deep learning AI model by allowing you to use an already existing model and its annotations. 

External Validation Tools Collaborate remotely through the cloud

Our tools for external validation give the end user an easy interface to define validation sets and for collecting validation annotations. The tools also provide a convenient way to invite colleagues or consultants to give blinded scoring or diagnosis according to intended use criteria.

Image Match Take your image analysis to new dimensions

The Image Match tool combines tissue registration and overlay with our AI model analysis and advanced spatial metrics; fully automating the technically difficult execution of pairing images of serial sections, with different staining.

Multi-channel Images and Analysis

Find out more about Aiforia’s multi-channel image analysis capabilities for immunofluorescent (IF) images and more with example images and videos.

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