On-Demand Software Demo Aiforia Create for Neuroscience

AI-powered analysis of neuropathology

Watch this demo on how to train your own unique AI model with Aiforia Create to identify, quantify, or measure features in any neuroscience image!

Aiforia Create is made for seamless use by the medical professional to create and use AI models to increase the speed and accuracy of any image analysis application across research, preclinical drug development and clinical diagnostics.

Automate manual tasks, standardize analysis, and find the hard to spot objects with our cloud-based AI software for image analysis.

Aiforia Create for Neuroscience │ On-Demand Demo

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On-Demand Software Demo

Aiforia Create for Neuroscience

Intro to Aiforia Create
Getting started
Creating an AI model
Instance Segmentation
Neuro case studies

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