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Employee Spotlight: Interview with Vigdis Lysø-Jakobsen

We interviewed Aiforia’s Solutions Manager Vigdis Lysø-Jakobsen to hear about her experiences at Aiforia.
Written by Aiforia

Employee_Spotlight_Vigdis Lysø-Jakobsen

How long have you been at Aiforia, and what do you do?

I joined Aiforia 1st of February this year as a Solutions manager. This is a new role in Aiforia. My main responsibilities are kind of divided into 3 parts: defining what solutions the customer needs, deploying these solutions and making sure the customer is happy with the solutions when in production. This means that I need to cooperate with many teams and persons in Aiforia.

How was your experience first joining Aiforia and your team at the company?

I felt very welcome and well taken care of because of the Onboarding scheme. It was very nice to meet my new colleagues during the onboarding sessions. Due to the pandemic it took one month before I could come to the Helsinki office, but still I think the first weeks went well from home office.

What is your favorite part about your job?

I like that the customer is in focus in my job. With happy customers it is much easier to expand and get new customers. And I am also excited and proud to be able to work with such a great product that Aiforia is. I strongly believe that AI is the future in pathology.

What's your most memorable moment while working at Aiforia?

My first visit to Aiforia office included the Aiforia’s Laskiainen with lots of fun, but also very nice meetings with other Aiforians sharing french fries and discussing cultural differences. Two newbie Aiforians walking around with Google Maps trying to find the correct Kuu restaurant was also a memorable moment. And having 3 good tasting salmon soups in 4 days.

What do you do for fun?

As many other Norwegians I also have a cottage in the mountains where I enjoy downhill skiing and cross country skiing with my family. In the summer time I go to Lofoten in the northern part of Norway where we do a lot of fishing and hiking in the fantastic mountains there. Then we combine hiking with geocaching.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I love to travel, and took one year off work some years ago so I could travel around the world. Some highlights during that year were the Trans-Siberian railway, Tibet and Mount Everest base camp, driving around in Australia and walking in the Amazon jungle. Nowadays, the holidays include driving a caravan around in Norway with my family. Everything has its own time.

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