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Aiforia use cases by application

Over 400 different AI models have been created with Aiforia Create so far, for a multitude of image types (IF, WSI, etc.) and a huge range of therapy areas, research fields, and industrial applications!

Explore some of these examples below!


Huntington's Disease

Implementing AI models to analyze mutant huntingtin (mHtt) aggregation in Huntington's Disease affected brain tissue.

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Huntington_before Huntington_after


Parkinson's Disease

Use of AI for image analysis and astrocyte detection in Parkinson’s Disease research.

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astrocytes_PD_before astrocytes_PD_after

Iron deposits

Alzheimer's Disease

Measuring the quantity and distribution of iron deposits in grey and white matter in Alzheimer's disease studies at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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iron_detection_before iron_detection_after


Parkinson's Disease

Quantitative assessment of alpha-synuclein pathology in preclinical Parkinson's disease studies at Lundbeck pharmaceutical company.

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alpha-synuclein_before alpha-synuclein_after

TH+ neurons

AI models for the identification and quantification of dopaminergic cells (TH+) in the substantia nigra pars compacta (SNc).

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TH+_before TH+_after


Quantifying astrocyte reactivity in preclinical neurotoxicity studies at Orion pharmaceutical company. 

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astrocytes_orion_before astrocytes_orion_after


Parkinson's Disease

Automated neuron quantification for preclinical Parkinson's disease studies at Sanofi.

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dopamine_neuron_before dopamine_neuron_after

Nigra area

Automated nigra area detection.

nigra_detection_before nigra_detection_after

Cultured Neurons

Multichannel Immunofluoresence: somatic and nuclear detection.

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multichannel_IF_before multichannel_IF_after


Classification of nerve components, such as myelin, axon, and nerve fibre.

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nerve_myelin-axon-fiber_before nerve_myelin-axon-fiber_after


Automated classification of molecular and purkinje layers in brain image with area measurements. Subsequent detection and count of interneurons and purkinje cells.

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brain_cell_classification_before brain_cell_classification_after

Whole slide human brain

Grey/White matter segmentation and Neuron/Glia counts in human brain sample.

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glia_neuron_human_before glia_neuron_human_after


Detection of motorneurons in rat biopsy.

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motoneuron_rat_before motoneuron_rat_after




Colorectal Cancer

AI-assisted segmentation of colorectal carcinoma digitized images to identify prognostic and predictive histologic signatures.

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colorectal-cancer_before colorectal-cancer_after


Lung Cancer

Automated calculation and scoring of PD-L1 markers in a lung.

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Lung-PDL1_before Lung-PDL1_after


Mitosis detection and quantification.

Mitosis_before Mitosis_after


Lung Cancer

Calculating Ki-67 proliferation index for pulmonary carcinoid tumors with AI.

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Ki-67 quantification

T, B, and dendritic cells

Breast Cancer

AI assisted detection of IHC stained CD3+ T-cells, CD20+ B-cells, DC-Lamp+ mature dendritic cells, and Hematoxylin in a HER2+ breast cancer surgical resection.

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Breast cancer_T, B-cells, dendritic cells_before Breast cancer_T, B-cells, dendritic cells_after

Tumor grading


Automating tumor grading in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) studies at MIT.

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Tumor_grading_MIT_before Tumor_grading_MIT_after

Tumor grading

Breast Cancer

Automated tumor grading in breast cancer biopsies.

Breast cancer_grading_before Breast cancer_grading_after

Tumor grading

Prostate Cancer

Automated tumor grading in prostate cancer biopsies.

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prostate_grading_before prostate_grading_after

Biomarker identification


Identifying novel prognostic biomarkers in primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC).

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PSC_before PSC_after



AI in studying nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and its capability to segment structures in liver histology.

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ballooning_before ballooning_after



Automated quantification of damage and scarring in liver tissue in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

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fibrosis_before fibrosis_after



Automated quantification of inflammation in liver tissue in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

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inflammation_before inflammation_after



Automated quantification of fat accumulation in liver tissue in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

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fat-accumulation_before fat-accumulation_after

Blast Cells

AI trained to identify blast cells (green) and red blood cells (red).

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blast_cell_before blast_cell_after

Bone Marrow

AI model used to determine changes in bone marrow cellularity

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bone_marrow_before bone_marrow_after

Kidney Tissue

Using AI for detecting the cortex and medulla and reviewing tissues for histopathological lesions in blinded studies.

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kidney_cortex_medulla_before kidney_cortex_medulla_after

DSS Colitis

DSS-induced colitis AI model showing histopathological lesions.

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DSS_colitis_before DSS_colitis_after

Immune Cells

Multichannel (Immunofluorescence) human colon tissue showing staining for various vascular and immune cell markers in addition to epithelium.

Immune Cells in Human Colon


Aiforia Create training window showing annotations for NICD1 in multi-channel (Immunofluorescence) human colon tissue, stained with various vascular & immune cell markers in addition to epithelium.

Human Colon Multichannel 1


Identifying lesions and quantifying cells at Tufts University.

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tuberculosis_before tuberculosis_after


Analyzing microscopic images of human blood and tissue to identify patterns of COVID-related disease.

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coronavirus_before coronavirus_after

Neovascular lesions

Preclinical ocular models

Neovascular lesion identification in SD-OCT scans for preclinical model development with the contract research organization Experimentica.

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eye_experimentica_before eye_experimentica_after


Placental tissue analysis

Quantification of HLA-G/CK7 ratios for protein expression in preeclampsia research.

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preeclampsia_before preeclampsia_after


Malaria parasite detection from blood smear.

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malaria_RBC_before malaria_RBC_after

Yeast cells

Detection of intact yeast cells in bright field images.

yeast_cells_before yeast_cells_after

Pulmonary fibrosis

Identification and quantification of histopathological features of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) including fibroblast foci, and interstitial and alveolar inflammatory cells

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lung_fibroblast_lymphocytes_before lung_fibroblast_lymphocytes_after


Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) lesion segmentation and cell identification.

respiratory_disease_before respiratory_disease_after


Endometrial epithelium segmentation and leukocute quantification.

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endometrium_epith+stroma_before endometrium_epith+stroma_after

Estrus cycle

Determining the stages of the estrus cycle in cytological samples.

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estrus_before estrus_after

Ovarian follicle

Preclinical studies on identification and quantification of ovarian follicles.
ovarian_follicles_before ovarian_follicles_after


Identification of sperm cells.

sperm_before sperm_after

Lung Fibrosis

Charles River Laboratories pathologists are enhancing image analysis in pre-clinical toxicology, lung studies for lung tissue detection, parenchyma, structural collagen, and fibrotic lesions.

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lung_fibrosis_before lung_fibrosis_after

Blood Sample

White blood cell (WBC) count.

WBC_before WBC_after

Skin Biopsy

Automated detection of dermis and epidermis of skin tissue sample.

skin_before skin_after


Islet and beta cell classification.

pacreas_islet_betacell_before pacreas_islet_betacell_after

Other Diseases

Lauren Prince1


Whole image instance segmentation of barley, including identification of protein matrix, starch, and cell wall. 

barley_before barley_after

Yeast contaminants

AI-aided identification of contamination in yeast fermentations

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yeast_lallemand_before yeast_lallemand_after

Salmon skin

Scientists at Nofima used AI to recognize and analyze the successive tissues in Atlantic salmon skin for food safety studies.

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fish_before fish_after


Measuring concrete porosity and composition.

Concrete AI detection

Other Industries


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