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    Aiforia Earns ISO 27001 Security Certification

    Aiforia has received ISO 27001 certification, the premier global standard for Information Security Management Systems. With this certification, ...
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    5 raisons d'utiliser l'IA dans les diagnostics cliniques

    English, Español L'augmentation des taux de maladies telles que le cancer accroît le nombre d'échantillons, ce qui augmente la charge de travail des ...
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    5 razones para utilizar la IA en el diagnóstico clínico

    English, Français Las crecientes tasas de enfermedades como el cáncer aumentan el número de muestras, lo que supone una mayor carga para los ...
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    September 16, 2021

    Aiforia Announces Closing of €17.5M Series B Funding Round

    HELSINKI, Sept 16, 2021 -- Aiforia, a software company providing AI-based solutions for clinical diagnostics and preclinical analysis to enable pathologists to translate medical images into diagnoses and discoveries with more efficiency and precision, announced today the completion of a €17.5M Series B funding round. The funding round is led by Epredia's UK entity, a subsidiary of PHC Holdings ...
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    September 6, 2021

    Overview of digital pathology in developing countries

    Introduction Developing countries carry the greatest disease burden in the world yet resources for diagnostics and health care are limited and hard to access. This is particularly prominent within pathology, a field critical to all other healthcare workflows. There is a scarcity of pathologists worldwide and developing countries are particularly affected.
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    September 2, 2021

    Employee Spotlight: Interview with Mariia Kuleva

    Describe your role at Aiforia. I am a digital marketing manager responsible for running Aiforia’s social media presence, digital ads, and content creation. I also keep Aiforia’s website updated by uploading fresh images and creating new web pages.
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