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Other diseases

Any sample, any research area


Our deep learning AI models have been applied successfully in the analysis of samples from infectious diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis, dermatology, nephrology, forensic pathology and organ transplantation, as well as diseases of the colon, bowel and reproductive system. The range of research areas Aiforia covers is continually expanding.

Application example

Infectious diseases
  • Analyzing samples for pathogen screening from blood, stool, and cytology samples
  • Species identification and quantification of microbes and colonies from microbial cultures, plates, smears
  • Biomarker quantification in IF, IHC, and multicolor samples
  • Tissue and/or cell segmentation: identification and quantification of tissue or cell lesions caused by infectious diseases

Tuberculosis use case

Generating quantifiable data from the Tuberculosis mouse model, providing new insights to the pathogenesis of the disease with the Aiforia deep learning AI model
Sample type: Mouse lung, H&E stain
Objective: Quantification of granulomas and necrosis in tuberculosis affected lung

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