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    5 raisons d'utiliser l'IA dans les diagnostics cliniques

    English, Español L'augmentation des taux de maladies telles que le cancer accroît le nombre d'échantillons, ce qui augmente la charge de travail des ...
    Written by Aiforia

    5 razones para utilizar la IA en el diagnóstico clínico

    English, Français Las crecientes tasas de enfermedades como el cáncer aumentan el número de muestras, lo que supone una mayor carga para los ...
    Written by Aiforia

    Introduction to tCECs: a novel method for cancer diagnostics

    Cancer Diagnostics Expedited by the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption it caused to healthcare systems, cancer rates are rising worldwide. Yet, ...
    Written by Aiforia
    April 22, 2021

    Aiforia and X-ZELL partner to scale up novel AI-powered method for early cancer detection

    Singapore, Helsinki -- Aiforia, a leading software company providing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for medical image analysis, and X-ZELL, a clinical stage med-tech company aiming to make early, affordable cancer detection accessible to everyone, have entered into a strategic partnership to integrate X-ZELL’s novel rare cell detection technology with Aiforia’s deep learning AI software.
    Written by Aiforia
    April 14, 2021

    5 reasons to use AI in clinical diagnostics

    Español, Français Rising rates of disease like cancer increase sample numbers creating a bigger burden on pathologists, an already underrepresented group of healthcare professionals. The challenge is exacerbated by the fact that traditional clinical tools and processes available to pathologists are manual and subjective.
    Written by Aiforia
    March 26, 2021

    Benefits of AI and digital pathology to the clinical lab: interview with pathologists Dr. Mirtti and Dr. Sandeman

    Pathologists have been examining glass slides under a microscope for over 150 years. Only recently did laboratories around the world start digitizing their slides, enabling more efficient workflows and increased accuracy in diagnostics. Adding AI to the newly digitized practice has the potential to increase these benefits exponentially. In this interview pathologists from Sweden and Finland share ...
    Written by Aiforia
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