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Aiforia Hub

Aiforia Hub is a versatile cloud-based platform for whole slide image management, sharing and visual analysis.

It supports the upload and analysis of any 2D image in any research area.

Streamline your workflow and collaborate online without requiring any local hardware. All you need is internet access to get started immediately.


Accross: pharma, medical research, and the clinical lab 


Store an unlimited number of images.

  • All major scanner and image file formats supported (i.e. fluorescent and WSI)
  • Infinite storage space
  • All your images in one place
  • Secured privacy
  • Annotate and add notes to your slides



With our cloud-based software all you need is the internet to access them.

  • Instant viewing across devices
  • Advanced image classification and search
  • Pan and zoom at high-speeds: no lag, no delay
  • Mark and measure features and patterns (i.e. tumor areas)
  • Visualize results


Collaborate and consult remotely.

  • Create and share slide collections or single images
  • Connect securely regardless of location
  • Confirm your result or decision with a second opinion
  • Publish your images in superior quality
Aiforia digital pathology Hub

Professors, teachers, and educators: 

The Aiforia Hub enables you to:

  • Provide consistent, high-quality materials for all students
  • Bring more clinical cases to more students
  • Use an intuitive interface as your teaching platform
  • Create exams and engaging learning materials

The Aiforia Hub enables your students to:

  • View and analyze the same images at the same time
  • View entire samples (Whole Slide Images)
  • Access exams and materials all online, all in one place: the Hub


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