Aiforia Hub

Cloud-based platform

Unbind your image analysis workflows from microscopes and bottlenecks. 

Aiforia's AI and image analysis solutions, such as Aiforia Create, are all offered on our ISO 27001:2013 compliant cloud-based platform.

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Image analysis in the cloud

  • Instant viewing across devices
  • Pan and zoom at high-speeds: no lag, no delay
  • Mark and measure features and patterns (i.e. tumor areas)
  • Annotate and add notes to your slides
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  • Advanced image classification and search
  • No need for local hardware to use any of Aiforia's solutions
  • All major scanner and image file formats supported
  • Including: fluorescence, WSI, etc.
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Download our brochure to find out more about Aiforia cloud’s security and privacy benefits.


Aiforia's cloud platform


Scale easily with unparalleled computing power


Store your images and data securely

ic_collaborate remotly

Work and collaborate flexibly with remote access


Integrate without any restrictions


Automatically access the latest updates and features

Scale easily with unparalleled computing power

  • The powerful computing power of Aiforia’s cloud platform can be scaled according to your needs
  • There are no limits to the complexity of analysis 
  • Run parallel analyses and AI model trainings
  • Obtain results exponentially faster than with traditional local software

Store your images and data securely

  • Easy access for securely authenticated users - data accessibility is an essential factor of data security
  • Audit log for all user actions and events so that you always know who is viewing and using your data
  • All your images and data are kept safe and backed up in the cloud
  • ISO 13485:2016 Compliant:Our technology and processes follow a
    rigorous quality management system
    compliant with ISO 13485:2016; an
    internationally recognized standard
  • 27001:2013 Compliant: we manage information security based on the ISO 27001 framework, giving you the confidence to safely store and manage your images.

Work and collaborate flexibly with remote access

  • Unbind yourself from hardware, use the Aiforia software anywhere at anytime
  • View the same screen simultaneously with a colleague no matter where you are 
  • Invite collaborators to annotate your images, and to view and
    validate your results
  • Share images and analysis results without requiring a login

Automatically access the latest updates and features

  • Aiforia’s software is ready to use immediately, no installation or maintenance costs are involved 
  • You will always have the most up-to-date version of our software 
  • No need to install, wait and delay; we do it for you!

Integrate without any restrictions

  • Our open and all-inclusive web-based API enables endless integration and data mining possibilities
  • Interoperability is easy as you can integrate to any commercial or custom application
  • We provide support for a variety of authentication solutions

Explore our cloud-based solutions

ic_Aiforia Create_Version 2

Aiforia Create

Your cloud-based tool to develop AI models for any image analysis application.

Simply annotate some of your images to train our neural networks to identify, quantify, or measure your features of interest. There is no need to code or use any dedicated hardware.

ic_aiforia hub

Aiforia Hub

Your cloud-based platform for pathology and histology education.

Are you an educator looking to take their pathology or histology classes online? Explore our cloud-based education platform.