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Resources on Artificial Intelligence
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AI articles

Aiforia AI figure

Deep learning vs machine learning

Find out what deep learning is, how it differs from machine learning, and how this form of AI conducts image analysis.

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AI videos

aiforia neuro usecase airavaara lab

AI for Parkinson’s Disease research

Watch our video to find out how a lab at the University of Helsinki is using AI with Aiforia to count dopamine neurons.

How to get started with AI: ground truth

Watch our video to find out why ground truth is important in training deep learning AI.

How to teach AI: quality and quantity

Watch our video to find out how do quality and quantity relate to AI and what amount of slides do you need to annotate to get started.

Aiforia How to teach AI time

How to train AI: time

Watch our video to find out how time affects the quality of a good AI model.