Expand discovery with AI for image analysis

Aiforia’s image analysis platform is created for pathologists and healthcare professionals to empower their research and investigation with deep learning artificial intelligence and high-speed, cloud-based tools.
You can automate, standardize, and accelerate image analysis applications for segmentation, quantification, regression model creation, measurement of spatial and morphological metrics, analysis of serial sample sections, and so much more.
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Benefits of AI-assisted analysis



Subtle changes and quantitative information in a reproducible manner from any image, including WSI.


Speed up

Image analysis and optimize workflows by automating time-consuming processes. 


Save time

Produce more quantitative data for less manual work and optimize your workflows.


Reduce costs

With our online deployment there is no need for data scientists or dedicated hardware.

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Your objectives earlier and with more clarity through faster and more accurate evaluation.


Be agile

You have control over your AI models and you can easily adapt them to meet changes to your image analysis needs.

Analyze in seconds

Whether you are studying immuno-oncology, quantifying biomarkers such as PD-L1, Ki-67, HER2, or conducting quantitative grading of whole slide images.

Aiforia caters to projects of all complexities and sizes.

In the video example you can see Aiforia's AI software in action, segmenting epithelium and quantifying Ki-67.

Solutions for AI-assisted analysis

ic_Aiforia Custom AI Services

Aiforia Custom AI Services

AI models developed by scientists, for scientists. 

Whether you are looking to accelerate your preclinical analysis or scale your pathology services, you can now enhance your image analysis workflow with Aiforia. With our Custom AI Services Aiforia scientists build AI models for your specific needs. 

ic_Aiforia Create_Version 2

Aiforia Create

Your cloud-based tool to develop AI models for any image analysis application.

Simply annotate some of your images to train our neural networks to identify, quantify, or measure your features of interest. There is no need to code or use any dedicated hardware.

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