Aiforia Custom AI Services

AI models developed by scientists, for scientists. 

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AI unbounded

Bespoke AI models created for you

Whether you are looking to accelerate your preclinical analysis or scale your pathology services, you can now enhance your image analysis workflow with Aiforia. With our Custom AI Services Aiforia scientists build AI models for your specific needs. 
With AI you can automate manual image analysis tasks to save time and costs, standardize analysis across your whole organization, and discover subtle changes and quantitative information. 


  • Powerful: Our AI is formed from the most powerful type of deep learning: convolutional neural networks.
  • Bespoke: Our science team can train the neural networks to analyze anything, creating a bespoke model for your needs. 
  • Scalable: Projects and tasks of any size and complexity are catered to with our flexible solutions. 

Biomarker analysis simplified

Aiforia’s convolutional neural networks can be trained to detect anything  in any image. Our scientists (ranging from pathologists to experienced cancer researchers) are equally agile.
They can support you in building a bespoke AI model for example to detect and quantify biomarkers such as PD-L1.

Cloud-based collaboration

Aiforia removes the constraints of shipping slides, arranging in person meetings with pathologists, and needing to hire data scientists. 
No dedicated hardware is required to access your images or analysis tools. Nor is there a need to know any coding or computing. Our intuitive user interface is made for direct use by medical scientists.

Automate manuals tasks and remove bottlenecks

Image analysis tasks and workflows are accelerated many fold with Aiforia. Features and patterns can be analyzed 90% faster than with traditional image analysis methods. 
Whether you are looking to quantify neurons, classify tissues, or create regression models. Aiforia caters to it all with high-speed image analysis solutions.
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