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Accelerate your research, readily share data, and be the first to translate your images into novel discoveries.
We have removed the barriers to deploying AI for image analysis.
Aiforia Create, our cloud-based software for developing your own AI models, is built for direct use by scientists and labs for projects of any size. No coding, dedicated hardware, or data scientists are needed to use our deep learning AI. You can also access image management, visual analysis, and sharing tools. 
Find out more about Aiforia Create and its unique capabilities in enabling the user to build AI models for any application in any field.
Read our use case here to find out how a lab at MIT is using Aiforia Create to build their own AI models for image analysis in studying non-small-cell lung cancer.

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aiForward Program
Open, global program for medical research teams willing to harness the power of AI in pathological and histological image analysis.
“The aiForward program is all about putting AI into hands of medical researchers and pathologists. It is about moving AI forward, from vision to practice, and facilitating new discoveries in medical sciences”
Kaisa Helminen
CEO of Aiforia Technologies
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