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Medical Research

Discover more in your samples with AI for image analysis

The Aiforia platform enables you to see more — outperforming and even surpassing human capacity in image analysis. Aiforia’s AI models can successfully complete a wide range of image analysis tasks with higher accuracy, sensitivity and speed.

Analyze and automate a variety of tasks. Explore more with our Aiforia Create tool.

Produce more quantitative data, pose new hypothesis and theories and ultimately discover more.

aiforia use case MIT image

Aiforia is helping advance cancer research at MIT. Read our use case here.

aiForward Program

Open, global program for medical research teams willing to harness the power of AI in pathological and histological image analysis.
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“The aiForward program is all about putting AI into hands of medical researchers and pathologists. It is about moving AI forward, from vision to practice, and facilitating new discoveries in medical sciences”

Kaisa Helminen, CEO, Aiforia Technologies

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