AI-assisted solutions for

Pharma and biotech

Standardize, accelerate, and save costs on preclinical and investigational analysis with the power of AI.

Aiforia's cloud-based AI solutions and services for image analysis help scale toxicologic pathology, safety studies and more.


Preclinical research and investigation

Some of the world's largest pharma companies are using Aiforia's software for biomarker discovery, improving preclinical workflow efficiency, and seamlessly working remotely with multi-site teams thanks to the cloud-based platform.

Aiforia's cloud-based deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and services for image analysis and pathology applications cater to all therapy areas.

Over 400 AI models have been created with Aiforia's solutions so far for image analysis tasks in tox path studies for example to automate bone marrow screening, standardize the evaluation of DSS colitis models, and more. 

Global pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations can unbind their workflows, scientists, and pathologists from time-consuming tasks, subjective results, hardware-heavy technology, and inefficient processes with Aiforia.

Customer case study

Boehringer Ingelheim

AI-based image analysis and large-scale data analysis with Aiforia's cloud-based software.

For preclinical research and investigation

The Aiforia Platform:

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Advances discovery

Aids pathologists and scientists in biomarker discovery, identifying subtle changes and quantitative information in a reproducible manner from any image, including WSI.

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Enables agility

The Aiforia platform is interoperable, our open and all-inclusive API enables endless integrations and possibilities. Aiforia adapts to meet your needs to fit right into your existing setups and workflows.

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Connects teams

Aiforia's cloud-based platform allows remote, multi-site collaboration. Colleagues and experts can consult and work together, unbound from hardware and physical meetings.


Speeds up

Produce more quantitative data for less manual work by automating time-consuming processes and tasks, enabling your organization to speed up time to market from discovery.


Reduces costs

Aiforia is deployed fully online and there is no need for data scientists or dedicated hardware to get started with our AI software or services due to their cloud-based nature.


Scales studies

With unparalleled computing power Aiforia platform enables unlimited scalability, allowing analyses to be run simultaneously and results to be obtained exponentially faster than with traditional local software.

AI-assisted solutions

Our offering

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Our software

Aiforia Create

Automate manual tasks, standardize analysis, and find the hard to spot objects with our cloud-based AI software for image analysis.

Aiforia Create is made for seamless use by the medical professional to create and use AI models to increase the speed and accuracy of any image analysis application.

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Our Services

Aiforia Custom AI Services

Whether you are looking to accelerate your preclinical analysis or scale your pathology services, you can now enhance your image analysis workflow with Aiforia. With our Custom AI Services Aiforia scientists build AI models for your specific needs.

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