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The Aiforia Platform is an image-agnostic, cloud-based software made for scalable and agile AI development for image analysis. Deep learning neural networks can be trained and deployed with Aiforia for any image analysis application. If you can see the feature of interest in your image, then Aiforia can be trained to detect it. 
While we have a focus on medical images, Aiforia is also used for a vast number of applications in non-medical domains. AI models have been created to analyze: salmon skin, concrete slabs, satellite images and more!
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Benefits of AI-assisted image analysis

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Find the hard to spot objects, patterns, and even what you might not have known existed.

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Speed up

Your work and publish faster as our AI models can analyze your images in 90% less time than with manual methods.

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Collaborate remotely

Share your data and findings with anyone globally through our cloud-based platform.

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