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AI-assisted image analysis

For academic research

Some of the world's leading research institutes and universities like MIT, Oxford, and others are using Aiforia's cloud-based software to automate manual image analysis tasks, speed up workflows by cutting down time from minutes to seconds, remove subjectivity in sample evaluation, and collaborate remotely.

Aiforia's software can be used in any research area, for any image analysis application. 

Aiforia's cloud-based deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for image analysis and pathology applications across all research areas are made for the end user. From simple but manual quantification, to measuring complex spatial metrics, in neuroscience, oncology, and more.

Aiforia caters to all, enabling users to harness the power of deep learning AI.

Benefits of AI-assisted analysis

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Find the hard to spot objects, patterns, and even what you might not have known existed.

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Speed up

Your work and publish faster as our AI models can analyze your images in 90% less time than with manual methods.

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Save time

Automate time-consuming tasks and take time back to focus on bigger challenges.

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Analyze consistently

Our AI removes inter- and intra-observer bias, standardizing your image analysis.

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Collaborate remotely

Share your data and findings with anyone globally through our cloud-based platform.

Create your own AI model

With our cloud-based platform

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Aiforia Create

Your cloud-based tool to develop AI models for any image analysis application.

Simply annotate some of your images to train our neural networks to identify, quantify, or measure your features of interest. There is no need to code or use any dedicated hardware.

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"A benefit of Aiforia is that it is a cloud-based software, so I can even use it when I am on a train on the way to a conference. I can access my images, do some annotations, check in on what my student is working on."
Liam Beckett
Liam Beckett PhD Candidate in Drug Research
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Are you an educator?

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Aiforia Education

Are you an educator looking to take their pathology or histology classes online? Explore our education platform. 

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