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Digitize your teaching and standardize your materials

Aiforia is a cloud-based platform enabling you to store and analyze 2D images of any size, in any research area. Case notes, annotations and background information can be added along with your images.

Take your teaching into the cloud

  • Entire sample view online for all students
  • Provide consistent, high-quality materials for all students
  • Enable all students to view and analyze the same image at the same time
  • Bring more clinical cases to more students
  • Use an intuitive interface as your teaching platform

Create exams and engaging learning materials with Aiforia.

All online. All in one place.

The Aiforia platform is scalable, enabling you to easily expand your student numbers, case studies and teaching materials.


A number of educational institutions are already utilizing Aiforia as their default teaching platform for anatomical pathology.
University of Oxford
Karolinska Institutet

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