Aiforia Hub for Education

A cloud-based platform for remote teaching.

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Aiforia Hub teaching and learning

Aiforia Hub

With Aiforia Hub, our cloud-based teaching and learning platform, you can unbind yourself and your students from microscopes, classrooms, and printed materials.
The platform allows educators to upload any image from any scanner and share these with an unlimited number of students. Case notes, annotations and background information can be added along with your images. 

On-demand demonstration

Watch this 10min demonstration of our education platform made for remote, cloud-based teaching in: pathology, histology, parasitology, veterinary pathology, cytology and more!

"USCAP chose Aiforia to host the virtual pathology slides for the 111th Annual Meeting in 2021. Over 6,500 meeting attendees moved seamlessly from the course information to the virtual slide viewer. Aiforia was an important part of a very successful virtual event."
The USCAP Information Technology Team The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology
Benefits for both students and teachers!

How can you advance your teaching with Aiforia Hub?

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Remote education

Students can view images at anytime from any device, access learning materials, and annotate their own images on the cloud-based Aiforia platform.


Consistent materials

Provide consistent, high-quality images (including WSI) for all students. Everyone can view the same images at the same time. 

More clinical cases

Bring more clinical and case studies to your teaching. Add notes and descriptions to slides and images.
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Active learning

Easily create and share slide seminars which your students can access at anytime on any device. They can also annotate their own images to take part in active learning.

Aiforia Hub

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“At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aiforia was something that we could and can count on. The software keeps working and it is one less thing we and our students need to worry about.”
Dr. Jan Slapeta Professor of Veterinary and Molecular Parasitology, University of Sydney

Seeing is believing.
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