Aiforia Education

A cloud-based platform for remote teaching and interactive microscopy

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Aiforia has been a huge part of helping me grow my business through AI technology.

No coding or dedicated hardware are needed to access: deep learning AI, image management, visual analysis, and collaboration tools.

Aiforia Education

Aiforia Education is a cloud-based software for e-learning that allows teachers to unbind themselves and their students from microscopes, classrooms, and printed materials. 

The platform allows educators to upload sample images from any microscope scanner and share them with an unlimited number of students. Add case notes, markings, and background information seamlessly alongside your images. This comprehensive, image-sharing tool enables teachers to enrich their students’ education, independent of location. 

Learn more about why we are cloud-based and what it means for you here

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Example Packages

300 GB
How many images?
Accommodates ~ 200 20x scanned images.
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500 GB
How many images?

Accommodates ~ 400 20x scanned images.

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1 TB
How many images?

Accommodates ~ 1,000 20x scanned images.

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Integrations available with various learning platforms including SSO

"USCAP chose Aiforia to host the virtual pathology slides for the 111th Annual Meeting in 2021. Over 6,500 meeting attendees moved seamlessly from the course information to the virtual slide viewer. Aiforia was an important part of a very successful virtual event."
The USCAP Information Technology Team The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology


Enriched education

Bringing clinical and rare case studies to more students empowers you to provide a higher-quality education.

Effortless integration

Link images to your learning management system for added accessibility.
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Seamless remote teaching

Students can view images, take exams, and mark their own images at any time from any device.
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Interactive slide seminars

Quickly build and share slide seminars that your students can access anywhere, any time.
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Enriched education

More clinical and rare cases can be viewed, providing high-quality education.

Hands-on learning

Students can mark their own images to take part in active learning.
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Convenient remote learning

Students can view images, take exams, and mark their own images at any time from any device.
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Consistent materials

All students can view the same images and cases provided by the teacher. 
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"Aiforia is easy to use, even a complete novice can have functional pages ready for students in matter of minutes - ready for the next class."
Dr. Jan Slapeta Professor of Veterinary and Molecular Parasitology, University of Sydney
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