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Aiforia Custom AI Services

AI by scientists, for scientists
Aiforia Custom AI Services
Whether you are looking to accelerate your preclinical analysis or scale your pathology services, you can now enhance your image analysis workflow with Aiforia. Our scientists build an AI model for your specific needs through Aiforia Custom AI Services.
Cloud-based collaboration is made possible with the Aiforia Platform; allowing for you to easily view, analyze, and share your images and AI models remotely.

Aiforia’s unique offering is:

Our deep learning AI is built from the most powerful type of machine learning for image interpretation and classification: convolutional neural networks.  
Our scientific team works closely with you, so you get exactly what you need. We are able to create and customize AI models to any specification, for any use. Explore some examples here: neurological diseases, cancer, liver diseases, and more
Projects or tasks of any size and complexity are catered to with our flexible solutions accelerating image analysis workflows. 
Contact us now to find out more or to get started!

Benefits of Aiforia for image analysis

We have built over 200 AI models so far, explore some of the disease areas we provide solutions for:

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