Aiforia Create: Software Release 4.6

The latest software release of the Aiforia AI tool enables the user to use even fewer annotations and images as training data. Explore other new features.
Written by Aiforia

Our latest software release 4.6 strengthens our offering from Velocity (the previous release of new Aiforia features and tools), in satisfying your need for speed.

A few highlights here:

Faster training, less annotations 

With 4.6, building complex algorithms with multiple layers containing similar objects is easier than ever. Cross usage of AI layers in multiple branches of the AI model structure enables faster training and less annotations.

This is especially useful with immuno-oncology projects. You can for example train one immune cell layer but use that same layer under the tumor tissue and non-tumor tissue to detect and count immune cells in tumor and non-tumor tissue separately.

We have also made further updates to Annotation Assistant, our active learning tool introduced in our previous release that significantly speeds up training time. 



Pairing serial sections

Enables a completely new methodology for image analysis by combining tissue registration and overlay with our AI model analysis and advanced spatial metrics.

Image match 1

We have fully automated the technically difficult execution of pairing images of serial sections, with different staining, as well as combining AI models of distinct function.