The Aiforia Clinical Suites

One diagnostic platform, infinite clinical possibilities.

Aiforia AI models and the AI model development platform, Aiforia Create, are currently sold for research use only (RUO).

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Clinical pathology

The challenge

Rising rates of disease like cancer increase sample numbers creating a bigger burden on pathologists, an already underrepresented speciality.

The past 10 years has seen a drop from 2.03% to 1.43% in pathologists as a proportion of total physicians while workloads are actually increasing by 41.73%

This challenge is exacerbated by the fact that current clinical tools available to pathologists are manual and subjective. Posing a high opportunity for error such as misdiagnosis or cancer cases not even being detected.

Patients often wait long for results and can receive suboptimal treatment.

The solution

Pathologists deserve the best tools possible to harness the full power of their own expertise.  

The Aiforia Clinical Suites provide pathologists with the tools they need to not only accelerate sample review but to also improve diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes.

Each Aiforia Clinical Suite includes a ready-to-use AI model, a browser-based viewer, and an intuitive QC platform — made for diagnostic support, case prioritization, automated reporting and more!

After all, effective treatment begins with a fast and precise diagnosis.

Currently the Aiforia Clinical Suites are sold for research use only while their CE-IVD registrations are pending.


The Aiforia Clinical Suites

We are currently developing different Clinical Suites for...
We are looking for pathology labs to join us in becoming the frontrunners of AI-powered diagnostics.
Are you ready to experience the power of AI?
Infinite clinical possibilities in a single, unified platform.

Each Aiforia Clinical Suite offers the tools you need to transform your clinical workflow:

Aiforia Clinical AI model for diagnostic support

Aiforia Clinical viewer

  • CE-IVD marked
  • The viewer is case-centric, designed specifically for the disease of that Clinical Suite
  • Shows WSI, findings with context, AI result masks, a gridview sorted with severity of finding
  • Enables fast and easy manual markings
  • Automatically generates reports
  • You can either use it as a stand-alone viewer or integrate it into your existing setup

Aiforia Platform for QC and adaptation

  • An intuitive user interface in which you can easily adapt your AI model to accommodate changes if they are needed
  • Easy management and monitoring for QC and auditing purposes
  • Compliant with the FDA’s Good Machine Learning Practices (GMLP), a framework outlining best practices in software engineering and quality management of AI systems

You can also use the Aiforia Clinical AI model for:


  • Automatically prioritize cases to focus on the most severe ones first
  • Speed up time to diagnosis and detect more cases 
  • Improve lab and workflow efficiency


  • To act as a safety net by confirming the decisions of the pathologist and alerting them to potentially suspicious findings 
  • Enabling the detection of more cases and reduce error rates to improve patient safety and outcomes while reducing healthcare costs

For the pathologist


Work more efficiently

Diagnose more patients in less time and speed up case review


Improve accuracy

Improve diagnostic accuracy and be confident in your decision making


Reduce bias

and standardize sample review therefore democratizing care


Harness your full potential

Unbind yourself from time-consuming, manual and frustrating tools and processes

ic_save time

Free your time

Allow yourself more time to focus on rare and complex cases


For the pathology lab


Increase output

Detect more cases in less time, take on more patients


Improve patient outcomes

Precise diagnosis permits efficient and personalized therapies to be administered

ic_decisions with confidence

Enhance service quality

Shorten time to diagnosis and reduce missed diagnoses and misdiagnoses

ic_reduce costs

Save on cost and time

Significant time savings, 90% less hands-on time for pathologists and reduce misdiagnosis and error while improving treatment accuracy


Enhance staff satisfaction

Better workload distribution can be achieved as pathologists spend less time on manual, repetitive tasks


For the patient


Less time waiting

Get your diagnosis and results faster


Effective treatment

With a precise diagnosis clinicians are able to treat more effectively

ic_collaborate remotly

Democratized care

Samples are reviewed consistently and efficiently ensuring everyone is treated the same


Reduction in unnecessary interventions

Reducing missed and misdiagnosis means a reduction in the likelihood of unnecessary surgeries or procedures

Clinical_Sami (1)

Aiforia Clinical Suite for Prostate Cancer

Demonstration and overview

Watch this presentation with Aiforia’s Director of Application Development, Dr. Sami Blom, to see and hear more about the Aiforia Clinical Suite, with prostate cancer as a case example of what we are currently developing. 

Watch now