Basel, Switzerland European Congress of Pathology

3-7 September, 2022

Attend our symposium on 6 September!

"AI-powered digital pathology platform: intro and practical use cases from translational research to diagnostics" at 19:30 in Room Osaka/Samarkand 

Speakers: Thomas Westerling-Bui PhD, Vice President of AI Solutions & Strategy at Aiforia and Anna Laury MD, Doctoral Researcher in the Precision Cancer Pathology group at the University of Helsinki, Finland.  

Pathology is a diverse field heavily dependent on precise visual analysis. Bringing automation and precision to these workflows in clinical practice enables significant benefits to pathologists and patients alike. In this symposium you will have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of Aiforia’s cloud-based platform and how deep learning AI can bring precision to tasks like tumor grading, PD-L1 scoring, and more with use cases from the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Anna Laury will then present on her recent work and publication on using the robust Aiforia platform to help predict ovarian tumor outcome, specifically in high-grade extrauterine serous carcinoma.

Visit us at booth # 61 !

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