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Neurological diseases

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How does Aiforia enable neuroscience research?

Aiforia’s deep learning AI platform has successfully enabled the automation of a versatile, multi-layered range of analyses in a number of areas such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s disease and motor neurone diseases (MNDs) like ALS.
Aiforia enables you to automate neuron body counting, reducing the time required from 1 hour with manual methods, to a few seconds per section!
With Aiforia you can automate the detection of relevant regions of interest based on morphology, use external ground-truths to find these regions in precise locations, and visualize the feature of interest.
Watch the video to see how Aiforia Create can be used for the easy and fast quantification of dopamine neurons.


  • Neurons, for example TH+ neurons in nigral regions in rat brain
  • Quantitative activation states of microglia, astrocytes and motoneurons
  • Multi-class segmentation
  • To detect TH+ neuronal areas and plaques
  • Anatomical regions, regions of interest to count the cell of interest for example in the cortex or SNpc
  • Cells and cell processes for example of astrocytes, axons, dendrite or dendritic spines
  • Regression models predicting continuous values
  • Astrocyte reactivity, drug-dose response, and survival time
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Parkinson’s disease use case
Watch the video to see how a research group at the University of Helsinki is using Aiforia to count dopamine neurons in the substantia nigra. Read the use case here.

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