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Enhance the speed, accuracy, and output of your pathology lab with our digital tools made for clinical workflows.





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Only certain Aiforia® Clinical AI models and the Aiforia® Clinical Suite Viewer are CE-IVD marked for diagnostic use in EU and EEA countries, see here for the full list: In all other countries, the use is limited to Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Our offering

CE-IVD marked viewer for pathology

icon Aiforia Clinical Suite Viewer

CE-IVD marked Aiforia® Clinical Suite Viewer

  • Rapidly displays AI-assisted analysis results in an intuitive and easily readable format and enabling case prioritization based on severity

  • Automatically generates reports from analyses by clinical AI models, significantly saving the pathologist time and improving the lab’s overall output efficiency

  • Supports full interaction with the pathologist by allowing viewing of images in different magnifications, movement in different x-y-z-locations, viewing of image analysis results in high precision, and markings and measurement of significant features in the images

  • Users can easily edit the results in the report, select hotspot areas and exclude control tissue or areas of bad quality


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Benefits of AI-assisted diagnostics

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Discover more

Find more information in your samples and detect the hard to spot features within seconds.


Speed up

Your work and analyze more cases in less time by automating time-consuming tasks. 


Analyze consistently

AI removes inter- and intra-observer bias, standardizing your image analysis.

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Collaborate remotely

Seek second opinions and remote consultation on your AI-assisted analysis  through our cloud-based platform.

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Make decisions with confidence

Retrieve accurate, reproducible results from samples to enhance decision making.


Explore our CE-IVD marked clinical AI models

In the portfolio we have different Aiforia Clinical Suites for some of the most prevalent cancers in the world: prostate, breast, lung, and more…! The Suites are a portfolio of tools containing: a clinical viewer, platform for QC and adaptation and an AI model for diagnostic support. Explore our already CE-IVD marked tools and what’s to come!