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Aiforia Clinical

Improve your diagnostic workflow

aiforia clinical image
Aiforia® Clinical is an intuitive CE-IVD marked tool that can be integrated into any hospital IT infrastructure. It has been optimized for the clinical pathology workflow to improve productivity in diagnostic tasks when analyzing images from tissue samples; facilitating faster and more informative decision making.
What can I use it for?

Aiforia Clinical enables for example easy and efficient remote diagnostics and consulting.

What are its features and functions?
  • All scanned slides of patient cases can be stored and viewed in one place
  • Zooming and moving around in different locations in the images is fast
  • Users can mark and measure features and patterns, for example tumor areas
  • Users can view and assess image analysis results*
  • Enables collaboration and slide sharing for remote consulting
  • The Aiforia Clinical viewer enables remote diagnostic consultation
  • Everything that has been done as part of a clinical task is logged:

*The AI models and image analysis tools are for research use only.

In EU and EEA countries Aiforia® Clinical is CE marked under EU’s In Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulation 2017/746 for in vitro diagnostic use. In the USA, Japan, and other countries Aiforia® Clinical is for research use only and is not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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