Aiforia Clinical viewer

Enhance your diagnostic workflow with the CE-IVD marked Aiforia Clinical viewer.

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Made for clinical workflows

Optimize your pathology lab

The Aiforia Clinical ® viewer is an intuitive CE-IVD marked tool made for the clinical pathology workflow to enhance the analysis of images from tissue samples, especially in remote viewing and collaboration. 
The browser-based viewer can be integrated into any hospital IT infrastructure and its installation can be matched to your specific needs. 
Optimize your laboratory workflows by speeding up case review, viewing all your slides in high quality and collaborating remotely with the Aiforia Clinical viewer. 

In EU and EEA countries Aiforia® Clinical is CE marked under the EU’s In Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulation 2017/746 for in vitro diagnostic use. In the USA, Japan, and other countries Aiforia® Clinical is for research use only and is not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Benefits and features

  • Zoom and move rapidly around in your images without any delay
  • Mark and measure features and patterns, for example tumor areas
  • Collaborate and share slides for remote diagnostic consultation and second opinions
  • View and assess image analysis results*


*Aiforia's AI models and AI development platform, Aiforia Create, are currently sold with Research Use Status.




sample patient case aiforia clinical viewer 1

All scanned slides of patient cases can be stored and viewed in one place.

The browser-based Aiforia Clinical viewer removes the need to store or ship physical slides and there is no need for dedicated hardware to use the browser software. 

automatically log clinical tasks

Automatically log all the clinical tasks you have performed while viewing your images.

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