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Marco Comianos has over 20 years experience in the healthcare industry, having worked at GE Healthcare and Siemens Healthcare. Most recently Marco joined Aiforia from Flywheel.io, a medical technology company also offering cloud-based medical image analysis solutions for preclinical and clinical research where he built and oversaw the sales organization, its processes, and drove revenue growth as VP of Sales. Marco is excited to help Aiforia establish a strong platform presence in the U.S., Canadian, and South American markets.

Marco Comianos VP of Sales, Americas

Ryan Powers_portrait

Ryan Powers Director of Regional Sales

Tamas Regenyi_portrait

Mr. Regenyi joins Aiforia most recently from a nearly 10 year career at 3DHISTECH, where he held the position of Senior VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. He holds a commercial background in global organizations, with various executive positions leading sales, marketing, and sales channel development. Mr. Regenyi brings to Aiforia a high-level industry knowledge of cloud computing, integrated systems, and digital pathology workflows and a passion for the field.

Tamas Regenyi VP of Sales, Europe

Mikael Jääskeläinen European Sales Manager

Mikael Jääskeläinen is responsible for global sales and customer relations management for Aiforia. Mikael joined Aiforia in March 2014 having previously worked for international companies Sartorius, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and Finnish biotech company Finnzymes Oy. Mikael has more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing in the life science sector.

Mikael Jääskeläinen European Sales Manager

Sharon Mushod

Sharon holds over 25 years of experience in medical and pharmaceutical sales. Prior to joining Aiforia she worked at Merck, Bausch & Lomb, Gillette OralB and Leica Biosystems. Throughout her career Sharon has been selling into both NHS and private hospitals in the UK as well as research, industry and educational institutions.

Sharon Musho'd UK Account Manager

Panu Kauppila VP Product Management

Panu Kauppila has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry to help accelerate further business growth at Aiforia.

Panu Kauppila VP of Product Management

Yrjö Häme Product Owner

Yrjö Häme, PhD Product Owner

Niina vaheri

Niina complete a MSc in Technical Biochemistry at Helsinki University of Technology. She has become familiar with pathology and patologists' daily routines during her 15 years of experience working in healthcare related IT companies, such as BC Platforms, Software Point, and Aiforia, including 10 years in a product owner (PO) role. As Product Manager, Niina's job is to enable and facilitate fast and efficient development of an attractive, good quality product that meets the needs of the customers.

Niina Vaheri Product Manager

Sami Blom Director of Application Development

Sami’s PhD dissertation, from the University of Helsinki’s Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), provides novel tools for the analysis of tumor tissue in prostate cancer. From specializing in the fields of translational cancer research and in vitro diagnostics Sami’s work now extends to the development of tissue staining and imaging methods for pathology. At Aiforia Sami dedicates his time to developing AI models for a wide variety of applications while managing a large in-house annotation team.

Sami Blom, PhD Director of Application Development

Juuso Juhila PhD Director of Clinical Products

Juuso holds a PhD in biomedicine from the University of Helsinki. He is an experienced Research and Development Leader having worked at Oncos Therapeutics and Medix Biochemica before joining Aiforia in 2020. Juuso has contributed to projects within pharmaceutical, biotechnological and academic research around Europe. This strong research background and encounters with various scientific fields and environments developed his skills in networking, in-vitro and molecular diagnostics, regulatory management, and IPR.

Juuso Juhila, PhD Director of Clinical Products

Hanna-Kaisa Sihvo Director of Veterinary Pathology Portfolio

Hanna-Kaisa is a board-certified veterinary pathologist and holds over a decade’s experience in the field of diagnostics as well as research pathology. Her PhD from the University of Helsinki focused on muscle degeneration, but over the years she has also worked with cancer and inflammatory disease models. Hanna-Kaisa is excited by the new possibilities that AI-based image analysis provides for improving the accuracy and quantification of pathology data. At Aiforia she provides pathology expertise for AI model development.

Hanna-Kaisa Sihvo, DVM, PhD, Dipl ECVP Director of Veterinary Pathology Portfolio

Anna Knuuttila Senior Scientist

After completing her DVM at the University of Helsinki and working at an animal veterinary practice, Anna started the Veterinary Pathology Residency program, finalizing her PhD in viral epidemiology and diagnostics in 2015. Anna then received a national specialization degree in infectious animal diseases. Anna now combines her scientific expertise with her knowledge of deep learning as an AI pathologist at Aiforia. Her goal is to help transform pathology from descriptive to quantitative science in order to unleash the data hidden in tissues. 

Anna Knuuttila, DVM, PhD Senior Scientist


Darshan has a background in biomedical sciences from Leiden University with a doctorate in cell and molecular biology from Helsinki University. He has versatile experience from virology and immunology to food sciences, structural biology, and microscopy. At Aiforia, Darshan is responsible for AI model creation, customer on-boarding, user problem solving and ultimately ensuring customer success in creating and deploying AI models for image analysis tasks and challenges. Scientific creativity interests Darshan and working with end users for a successful project completion drives him.

Darshan Kumar, PhD Customer Success Manager


Dr. Gillian Beamer, VMD, PhD, DACVP is Aiforia's Director of Research Pathology for North America. She brings nearly two decades of experience in academia at The Ohio State University and at Tufts University as a veterinary pathologist and principal investigator studying infectious diseases, primarily tuberculosis.

Gillian Beamer, DVM, PhD, DACVP Director of Research Pathology


Alireza Samiei AI Pathologist

Lucas_Stetzik_portrait 1

Lucas Stetzik Senior Scientist


Areeha Batool Field Application Scientist


Mikael works as the Director of Concept Design at Aiforia. He is a pioneer in web-based virtual microscopy and has launched the first practical applications in 2002. He has published a series of central studies in virtual microscopy together with key opinion leaders in related fields. Mikael is fluent in a wide range of programming languages, and he has a special interest in database design and imaging.

Mikael Lundin, MD Director of Concept Design, Co-founder

Matilda Sinkko

Matilda Sinkko Project Specialist in Application Development