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Introducing Aiforia Education

Aiforia rebrands its remote teaching offering, the former Aiforia Hub for Education, to Aiforia Education.
Written by Aiforia

Aiforia is excited to present the newly rebranded Aiforia Education, formerly known as Aiforia Hub for Education.


What is Aiforia Education?

Aiforia Education is a cloud-based software for e-learning that allows teachers to unbind themselves and their students from microscopes, classrooms, and printed materials. The platform enables educators to upload sample images from any microscope scanner and share them with an unlimited number of students. Add case notes, markings, and background information seamlessly alongside your images.

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You can enjoy a multitude of benefits by using this comprehensive solution, including:

  • SEAMLESS REMOTE TEACHING: Students can view images, access learning materials, and mark their images at any time — with no additional software installation required.
  • HANDS-ON LEARNING: Students can mark their own images to participate in active learning. Engage your classes in your lessons by providing an interactive learning environment.
  • INTERACTIVE SLIDE SEMINARS: Quickly build and share slide seminars that your students can access anywhere, any time.
  • EFFORTLESS INTEGRATION: Link images to your learning management system for added accessibility.
  • EASY VEWER MANAGEMENT: Create student groups to manage student's access to classes efficiently.
  • ENRICHED EDUCATION: Provide consistent, high-quality images for all students. Bringing clinical and rare case studies to more students empowers you to provide an exemplary educational experience.
Join the wave!

Aiforia Education has been in use at the top institutions in the world, including the University of Sydney, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and the Jinnah Sindh Medical University. Read more about their experiences in our case study collection.

Join today’s leading institutions as they continue their journey into remote teaching for classes in pathology, histology, anatomy, and more! Learn more about our offering and customizing a package here.


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