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AI is a branch of computer science in which intelligent behavior is simulated by computer systems.

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning (ML), which is a subset of AI.

Deep learning is the next generation of ML as it is more complex in its architecture and therefore can solve more complex problems, such as in image analysis.

Find out more about Deep Learning in our free article.

Aiforia Create is our cloud-based tool enabling the end user to develop AI models for any image analysis application.

Simply annotate some of your images to train our neural networks to identify, quantify, or measure (the possibilities are limitless!) your features of interest. To use Aiforia Create you do not need to code or invest in any dedicated hardware.

With the support of our in-house science team getting started with Aiforia Create is seamless.

Any 2D image: all major file and scanner types are supported.

Fewer than you think!

The exact number varies by complexity of project however most users only need a small fraction of all their data to successfully train and deploy an AI model with Aiforia.

Our patented active learning tool Annotation Assistant automates AI training; increasing the speed and accuracy of training while decreasing the amount of effort and images you need to get started with AI.  

All of our customers are assigned a dedicated support representative from our team of scientists and pathologists.

They work closely with each customer, this can all be done remotely, with a mixture of calls and supporting documentation.

You can read more about this process from a customer’s perspective in our case study.

We have experience importing annotations from different platforms, if this is required, our software team can make the import as a service but in most cases the Aiforia Platform is very effective and has high-speed tools such as Annotation Assistant that enables users to easily create hundreds of high-quality annotations.

Our software ensures multi-level encryption. Aiforia is "protected at rest", your data is AES 256-bit encrypted and stored in fault tolerant cloud service and “protected in transit", meaning your data in transit from client browser app to the Aiforia Cloud is protected by HTTPS, TLS 1.2 encryption.

Hosting our tools and platform in a cloud environment gives many advantages to our users:

  • Scale easily with unparalleled computing power
  • Work and collaborate flexibly with remote access
  • Store your images and data securely
  • Integrate without any restrictions
  • Automatically access the latest updates and features

Find out more about our cloud technology.

The cost of using Aiforia depends on a number of factors such as number of images, complexity of analysis, etc.

We are happy to give you a quote based on your needs: contact us.

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