Berlin, Germany European Congress on Digital Pathology

15-18 June, 2022

Attend our talk on 17 June at 12:45!

"Introduction to the role of AI in diagnostic pathology and recently CE-IVD marked clinical AI tools for breast and lung cancer"

Dr. Tuomas Mirtti MD, PhD, Consulting Pathologist at Aiforia, will introduce the landscape of AI in digital pathology, along with the benefits and challenges, and give insights into the future of the field.

He will also give an overview of Aiforia’s recently CE-IVD marked deep learning AI models for breast and lung cancer diagnostics, which automate the assessment of various biomarkers such as ER, Ki67, and PD-L1.

Visit us at booth # B03 !

Want to see a personalized demo while at the conference to see our AI for image analysis software in action?

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