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Aiforia makes key advancement towards end-to-end clinical pathology workflow solution with the release of its CE-IVD marked Aiforia® Clinical Suite Viewer

Aiforia Technologies Plc is thrilled to announce it received CE-IVD marking for the Aiforia® Clinical Suite Viewer.
Written by Aiforia

Aiforia Technologies Plc is thrilled to announce it received CE-IVD marking for the Aiforia® Clinical Suite Viewer, a cloud-based platform enabling a holistic approach to cancer diagnostics and prognostics through the viewing of whole slide digital images of human histopathological samples and deep learning AI produced results along with their seamless reporting.

The Aiforia viewer provides data-rich decision making to be made by pathologists in an intuitive, quick, and easily readable format. The Viewer software is a completely unique viewer for the clinical pathology workflow with its AI-first approach; enabling the use of Aiforia’s deep learning AI to support the analysis of patient samples. For example, in calculating diagnostic biomarkers of breast cancer before the pathologist has to even take a look; enabling them to then quickly view and accept the result.

The pathologist ultimately makes the diagnosis while the AI model enables confidence in this decision making. The preliminary results that are produced by the Aiforia Viewer software enable case prioritization based on severity and allows the lab to automatically order further staining, ultimately speeding up time to diagnosis. This has the potential to make diagnostic workflows more efficient, enhancing the lab’s overall output efficiency.

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Reducing the burden on cancer diagnostics with AI-powered tools

Rising healthcare costs, a reduction in the number of medical professionals specializing in pathology while cancer rates continue to increase inevitably drive a demand for more sophisticated and efficient technology. Aiforia aims to change the current landscape of clinical pathology by providing tools to standardize diagnostics, reduce inter- and intra-observer variability and enable the extraction of large amounts of complex data in significantly reduced times.

“A cancer patient’s medical journey towards healing starts with a correct diagnosis which is most likely made by pathologists. Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is the critical enabler of precision medicine. Supportive AI tools in cancer diagnostics will augment pathologists’ ability in rendering accurate and timely diagnosis to benefit quality patient care. Our patients deserve the best from the combined power of pathologists and AI,” explains Marilyn M. Bui, MD, PhD, Senior Member, Professor of Pathology and Scientific Director of Analytic Microscopy Core at Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute.

Customized platform for the clinical pathology workflow

The CE-IVD marked Aiforia® Clinical Suite Viewer is customized to specific disease types, for example breast, prostate, and lung cancer — to enable the most suitable workflows, tools, and results for each patient case. Aiforia is catering widely to pathologists, as they can utilize Aiforia’s CE-IVD marked clinical AI models for breast, lung, and prostate cancer diagnostics along with the Clinical Suite Viewer for significant time savings and workflow improvements in cancer diagnostics.

“At Aiforia we are opening cancer diagnostics to a new era of precision medicine enabled by automated and AI-powered tools during this new epoch of pathology, to help create modern digitized clinical pathology workflows. With this new CE-IVD marked tool and our 5 CE-IVD marked AI models, and more to come, we can cater to the pathology lab with a comprehensive suite of automated tools for cancer diagnostics,” explains Jukka Tapaninen, CEO of Aiforia Technologies.

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