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Turning big pictures into deep diagnosis

Rapid, accurate diagnosis is a cornerstone of modern healthcare and medicine. Rising prevalence of cancer and current trends in drug development increase the number of samples to be analyzed. Microscopy is going digital and it enables easier sample management, remote viewing and consultation, but it is not enough. Pathologists will need machine-assisted analytics to keep up with the accelerating work pace. Our mission is to provide fast and accurate diagnostics support in microscopy to enable better patient care. Our vision is to bring artificial intelligence to the fingertips of pathologists and researchers. Aiforia will remove slow and manual workflow by using innovative cloud technologies and Deep Learning.  As a result, the experts of pathology will have a trusted tool for discovery, decision-making and providing patients precise, timely healthcare.

Our team

Our team is a comprehensive mixture of experienced entrepreneurs and recognised scientists. Our strength is the combined expertise in life sciences and medical sector, as well as in computer technology and business-to-business software industry.

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We are always looking for bright talent to join our team. Interested? Please send your CV and tell us why you would be a perfect addition to our team.

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Personnel email: firstname.lastname@aiforia.com

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Support: Aiforia Service Desk

Tel: +358 20 734 9131

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Aiforia Inc.

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Aiforia Inc.

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Aiforia Technologies Oy

Biomedicum 2 U

Tukholmankatu 8 FI-00290 Helsinki, Finland

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