new tool to assess drug candidates for IBD Quantitative evaluation of DSS-induced colitis with AI

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a debilitating disease for which no cures exists. Murine models are widely used to study IBD, amongst them, the DSS-colitis model is a rapid and reliable one. However the scoring of histopathological lesions is challenging.

Veterinary pathologists at Charles River Laboratories, Dr. Bedard and Dr. Zuraw,  present on their recently published work on developing a deep learning AI model with Aiforia's AI development software, Aiforia Create, to increase the accuracy and consistency of assessing DSS-colitis models, enabling the evaluation of different drug candidates for IBD.


Dr. Agathe Bedard Senior Veterinary Pathologist at Charles River Laboratories

Dr. Aleksandra Zuraw Veterinary Pathologist II at Charles River Laboratories

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