AI unbounded webinar series Mastering image analysis with Aiforia: Speed

December 2  

12.00 Boston (EST)| 17.00 London | 19.00 Helsinki  

Aiforia's AI software abolishes the limitations of using AI for image analysis with highly-sought after deep learning techniques and powerful tools.

Join our webinar for an overview and live demonstration of Aiforia's latest and greatest new features: 

  • Annotation Assistant: Our recently patented active learning tool increases not only the speed but also the efficiency accuracy of training AI models 
  • Transfer Learning: Enables you to use existing AI models and annotations for a new image analysis task
  • External Validation Tools: Easily invite colleagues or consultants to view, score, and analyze your images through the cloud-based Aiforia interface



Lindsey Smith PhD Field Application Scientist at Aiforia

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