Stockholm, Sweden Swedish Meeting for Alzheimer Research

21 April, 2022

Join our talk from Dr. Darshan Kumar on AI-assisted image analysis in studies of neurodegenerative disease at 14.45 to find out more about Aiforia’s AI-assisted software for automating neuron counting, standardising the identification of plaques in Alzheimer’s disease models and more!

Want to also see a personalized demo while at the conference of our AI for image analysis software in neuroscience applications? Get in touch with Mikael Jääskeläinen to secure a spot!

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Mikael Jääskeläinen European Sales Manager

Employee Spotlight - Darshan - Thumbnail

Darshan Kumar, PhD Customer Success Manager

Can't make it to the conference? You can explore our on-demand demonstration videos here or fill in your details below to get in touch with us. 


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