Orlando, FL Pathology Visions

October 29-31, 2023

Join our Sunday Dinner Workshop on October 29th at 7 p.m. in the Hyatt Regency Orlando (Windermere Z)!

Transforming diagnostic pathology by leveraging digital pathology and AI requires a concerted effort by many stakeholders. Particularly, the participation of pathologists ready to adopt and experiment with AI with the goal of changing the way diagnostics are done. Of recent interest are efforts to not only bring quantification, efficiencies, and accuracy gains into the normal semi-quantitative or subjective visual tasks at hand using complex AI models, but to extend those findings with clinical data to provide new prognostic methods to benefit patients and the healthcare system. Adoption of the Aiforia Clinical platform and the Create platform as translational products can drive AI models to the clinic at scale. Join us to see a short product update with new exciting features from Aiforia and hear from two experts Dr. Bryan Dangott and Dr. Muhammad Sohaib Asghar about their work using AI and Aiforia in pathology.

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