Manchester, UK NHS Pathology Conference North

7 February, 2023

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"Assisting Pathologist in saving human lives with AI" by Darshan Kumar, PhD Customer Success Manager at Aiforia Technologies. 

Medical and Biomedical research has seen a sharp rise in the sheer amount of studies. Multiple such research and development also ultimately is making its way for therapeutics. Implementation of successful outcomes on therapeutics demands analysis on large numbers of samples requiring long human labour hours for manual analysis specially on digitised whole slides. Currently used methods like stereology have proven to be a very strong means in serving the scientific community for decades.

Recent developments in the automation for analysis specially on the whole slide level has proven to speed up research. Use of deep neural networks for teaching computers to achieve human-like capabilities in recognition of biological ground truths have gained traction in today’s world. Use of convolutional neural networks in the case of Aiforia Create (an AI software from Aiforia Technologies Plc) has proved to reach human like efficiency in recognition of different patterns in multiple 2 dimensional sections which allows the automation of counting and segmenting multiple different biological morphologies with superhuman speed.

Not only the use of AI has proven to be fast but even effective in not missing data that often even humans may tend to miss. Use of this tool has proven to not only benefit a single researchers’ accuracy, precision, sensitivity and efficiency but also has started to show its true capabilities in saving human lives with Aiforia’s Clinical AI deployments.

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