Phoenix, AZ Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Symposium

23-25 February, 2023

Attend our Lunch Symposium on the 23rd of February at the Non-CME product theatre at 12:00PM (GMT-7)!

Development of an improved risk stratification scheme for stage II and III colorectal cancers through incorporation of the digital pathology biomarker QuantCRC

🎙️ Alizera Samiei, Computational Pathologist at Aiforia, will give an introduction to Aiforia's AI solutions

🎙️ Rish Pai MD PhD, Consultant Pathologist and Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the Mayo Clinic will describe the development of a novel prognostic digital biomarker, QuantCRC, using the Aiforia platform and how it can be practically applied to improve therapeutic decision making in colorectal cancer.


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Want to see a personalized demo while at the conference to see our AI for image analysis software in action? Get in touch with the Aiforia team Alireza Samiei | Lucas Stetzik to secure a spot!

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Alireza Samiei Computational Pathologist

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