London, UK 9th Digital Pathology and AI Congress

7-8 December, 2022

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''Advancing preclinical and diagnostic pathology with AI'' at 12.50 (GMT) in the Bleriot Room.

Pathology is a diverse field heavily dependent on precise visual analysis. Bringing automation and precision to these workflows in clinical practice enables significant benefits to pathologists and patients alike. In this talk you will have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of Aiforia’s cloud-based platform and how deep learning AI can bring efficiency and accuracy to tasks like tumor grading, PD-L1 scoring, and more with use cases and a look at Aiforia's portfolio of CE-IVD marked automated tools for the diagnostic workflow.

Presenter: Darshan Kumar, PhD Customer Success Manager at Aiforia Technologies

Darshan has a background in biomedical sciences from Leiden University with a doctorate in cell and molecular biology from Helsinki University. He has versatile experience from virology and immunology to food sciences, structural biology, and microscopy. At Aiforia, Darshan is responsible for AI model creation, customer on-boarding, user problem solving and ultimately ensuring customer success in creating and deploying AI models for image analysis tasks and challenges. Scientific creativity interests Darshan and working with end users for a successful project completion drives him.

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Darshan Kumar, PhD Customer Success Manager


Sharon Musho'd UK Account Manager

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