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Educate and inspire the next forerunners of pathology with modern teaching technology and student-centric classes.
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Make microscopy fun for your students

Do you want to inspire the next generation of pathologists in Pathology education? One modern microscopy class can be what it takes for a promising medical student to find their calling in pathology.

Virtual, collaborative teaching tools and digital materials will make all the difference in your microscopy class.

All devices
Note taking tool
Unified material

Create engaging learning cases

Create comprehensive cases with several images, annotations and background information. Your slide pages can be used as course material for years.

  • Easy-to-use content creation platform
  • Add annotations and background information to images
  • Use Aiforia as a tool for exams and self-study
  • Scan and upload new images to your collection or use our scanning service
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More discussion and group work

The time you used to spend operating the microscope is now freed for connecting with students. Teachers and students can all look at the same material and discuss findings together. All material is available on the web and accessible anywhere, anytime.

Used by world class institutions


“When given a chance 90% of our students are choosing Aiforia as their default tool in microscopy”.

Mikael Niku

Professor, University of Helsinki, Department of Veterinary Medicine

“I used Aiforia as part of my resident seminar and I loved the system!”

Joseph Carlson

Associate Professor in Pathology, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

“Aiforia has truly revolutionized our teaching as we have been able to focus on what is relevant for our students and bring more clinical cases to the teaching”.

Dr. Tuula Salo

Professor, University of Oulu, Department of Dentistry

Ready to take your teaching to the next level?

Our affordable, scalable service (SaaS) works from small resident groups to large courses. Aiforia provides seamless use for hundreds of concurrent users.

Aiforia Cloud is easy to link to your current e-learning platforms. Many of our clients have adopted Aiforia as their default teaching platform.

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