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All your slides stored in one place with powerful analyzing tools. Share your findings easily with your research collaborators.

The first Deep Learning AI Image Analysis Solution for Medical Research

Aiforia is the first Deep Learning based Image Analysis Solution for medical research projects. Aiforia fits projects of all sizes with pay for what you use SaaS-model. 

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Aiforia Cloud is your research repository

Aiforia is where Dropbox meets professional image analysis tools. Your annotated and archived samples are secured and accessible to you and your fellow researchers.

Used by world class institutions

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Accelerate your research

Aiforia is a versatile platform for research projects, small or big, local or global. Streamline your workflow and collaborate using top quality technology.

  • Affordable from single researcher to large groups
  • Easily store, share and analyze all your whole slide images
  • Expand your expert network digitally
  • Publish your own images in superior quality on your articles and blogs

Streamlined research collaboration

Collaborators can scan their slides independently, and upload them to a shared Aiforia Cloud Account. Stored images can be accessed via internet connection, anywhere, anytime.

  • Multiple admin users
  • Customizable user rights
  • Scanner neutral platform with automated upload¬†from scanner
  • Synchronized material for all collaborators
Medical research with easy collaboration tools

Scalable storage


Accessible anywhere

“Our aim was to increase the productivity of our image sharing processes within our partner network and for that purpose virtual microscopy has offered unsurpassed advantages”.

Dr. Azar Azad

Managing Director, Mount Sinai Services, Toronto, Canada

“When given a chance 90% of our students are choosing Aiforia as their default tool in microscopy”.

Mikael Niku

Professor, Helsinki University

“I used Aiforia as part of my resident seminar and I loved the system!”

Joseph Carlson

Associate Professor in Pathology, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden