Digitize your pathology workflow

Shift from time consuming routines to faster findings.

Why Aiforia?

Faster Findings. Make precise analysis from high definition images with Aiforia Deep Learning AI to support your findings. Share images with colleagues for remote consultation.

Easy Access. Save and arrange all your slide images and collections to one place. Your online archive is at your reach whenever you need it.

Better Ergonomy. Working hunched over your microscope will soon be history. Study samples on any device from a tablet to gigantic screens.

Research Only. Aiforia Deep Learning AI is currently sold for research use only.

Clinical pathology with WebMicroscope viewer

Used by world class institutions

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Enhanced case management and sharing

Easily compare tissue samples in the Case Viewer. Change from one staining to another, compare views, make your diagnosis, and share your findings with your colleagues.
Clinical pathology research tools

A modern way to handle samples in:

WebMicroscope Remote Consulting

Remote consultation

Asking for a second opinion made easy. Share your digitalized samples for remote consultation: your chosen experts will receive an email link to study and comment on the image.
WebMicroscope Multi Touch Screen

Slide seminars

Turn digital slides into impressive seminars. Allow participants of clinical meetings or conferences to view the cases before the event. Add diagnosis to cases after the meeting to create complete learning cases for the future.


WebMicroscope Multidisciplinary Teams

Multidisciplinary teams (MDT) and tumor boards

Collaborate efficiently to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment.

Projecting images from traditional microscopes consumes valuable time. Free time for deeper discussion or more cases.


WebMicroscope External Quality Assurance

External quality assurance (EQA)

Upload and share the same scanned images with all your customers and thus improve consistency. Integrate Aiforia into your quality assurance software and monitor results from your system.

Aiforia Digital Pathology Workflow

WebMicroscope workflow for Clinical Pathology

“When given a chance 90% of our students are choosing Aiforia as their default tool in microscopy”.

Mikael Niku

Professor, University of Helsinki, Department of Veterinary Medicine

“I have been using the Aiforia through a clinical study, and it is an excellent product – easier and more intuitive to use than any of the others that I have tried”.

David Driman

Professor, Schulich School of Medicine, London, Canada

“Our aim was to increase the productivity of our image sharing processes within our partner network and for that purpose virtual microscpy has offered unsurpassed advantages”.

Dr. Azar Azad

Managing Director, Mount Sinai Services, Toronto, Canada