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For scientists, by scientists

Our software and your work with Aiforia are backed up by our highly-experienced scientists and by an even bigger in-house annotation team.

Thomas Westerling-Bui PhD
Director, Scientific Strategy and Business Development
Thomas received his PhD from the University of Helsinki Medical School working on cancer biology using a range of model organisms from yeast to mouse. He continued his research supported by an EMBO long term fellowship, working on genomics of breast and prostate cancer under the mentorship of Myles Brown at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Tom joined Aiforia to help advance AI’s inevitable role in cancer biology and pathology.
aiforia sami blom application managerSami Blom PhD
Application Manager
Sami’s PhD, from the University of Helsinki’s Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, provides novel tools for the analysis of tumor tissue in prostate cancer. After specializing in the fields of translational cancer research and in vitro diagnostics Sami’s work now focuses on developing tissue staining and imaging methods for pathology. At Aiforia Sami dedicates his time to developing AI models for a wide variety of applications while managing a large in-house annotation team.
Hanna-Kaisa Sihvo DVM PhD Dipl ECVP
Senior Scientist
Hanna-Kaisa is a board-certified veterinary pathologist and holds over a decade’s experience in the field of diagnostics as well as research pathology. Her PhD from the University of Helsinki focused on muscle degeneration, but over the years she has also worked with cancer and inflammatory disease models. Hanna-Kaisa is excited by the new possibilities that AI-based image analysis provides for improving the accuracy and quantification of pathology data. At Aiforia she provides pathology expertise for AI model development.
Anna Knuuttila DVM PhD BSc Econ
Senior Scientist
After completing her DVM at the University of Helsinki and working at an animalveterinary practice for a few years, Anna started the Veterinary Pathology Residency program, finalizing her PhD in viral epidemiology and diagnostics in 2015. Anna then received a national specialization degree in infectious animal diseases and then worked as a pathology researcher and university lecturer. Anna now combines her scientific expertise with her knowledge of deep learning as an AI pathologist at Aiforia. Her goal is to help transform pathology from descriptive to quantitative science in order to unleash the data hidden in tissues. Anna believes that it is pivotal that pathologists have control over AI development and validation in order to create safe and useful models.
Darshan Kumar PhD
Customer Success Scientist
Darshan has a background in biomedical sciences from Leiden University with a doctorate in cell & molecular biology from Helsinki University. He has a versatile breadth of experience from virology and immunology to food sciences, structural biology, and microscopy. At Aiforia, Darshan is responsible for AI model creation, customer on-boarding, user problem solving and ultimately ensuring customer success in creating and deploying AI models for image analysis tasks and challenges. Scientific creativity interests Darshan and working with end users for a successful project completion drives him.
Lindsey Smith PhD
Field Application Scientist
Lindsey is an experienced neuroscience researcher with a strong background in electrophysiology, surgery, stereotactic viral injections, animal husbandry, and wet bench techniques. During graduate and post-graduate training her research was dedicated to a wide variety of neuropathologies and diseases such as elucidating mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease. In her current role at Aiforia, Lindsey assists researchers world-wide to create custom algorithms that profoundly expedite data analysis while simultaneously reducing human bias in data processing.

Aiforia is built by scientists, for scientists